6 Ways To Save Money On Oat Milk

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Hello, health-conscious friends! Whether you’re here because you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply looking to switch up your usual milk routine, you’re in the right place. We’re diving into the world of oat milk, an excellent dairy-free alternative that has won over countless hearts and taste buds. But let’s address the elephant in the room: cost. We hear you, ladies, oat milk can sometimes be a little pricey, but we’re here to share some top tips on how to save some dollars next time you stock up.

You can save money on oat milk by buying in bulk, using coupons and sales, subscribing for regular deliveries, choosing store brands, comparison shopping, and making your own oat milk at home.

1. Buy in Bulk

There’s power in numbers. Buying oat milk in bulk can save you a good chunk of change, especially if you consume it frequently. Brands like Oatly and Pacific Foods offer multi-packs that can be stored unopened in your pantry for months, keeping your fridge space clear and your oat milk supply steady. Remember, just like that can of beans or tomato sauce, oat milk from a shelf (not the refrigerated section) can last for a considerable time before it needs to be chilled. Once opened, treat it like fresh milk, store in the fridge, and use it within 7-10 days.

The savings you can make by buying in bulk depends on the brand and retailer, but you could potentially save up to 15-20%. For example, if a single carton of Oatly costs $4.50, a pack of six might cost around $24 instead of $27. The key here is that the more you buy, the less each unit costs. Plus, you’ll save time and effort with fewer shopping trips.

2. Coupons and Sales

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Sales and coupons can significantly cut down your oat milk expenses. For digital coupons, check out websites like RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and even the manufacturers’ own sites.

Also, keep an eye on in-store flyers and promotions. Timing is everything – you can make significant savings if you buy when your favorite brand is on sale.

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3. Subscribe And Save Programs

Subscription services aren’t just for your favorite magazines or streaming platforms anymore. Stores like Amazon offer a “Subscribe & Save” service where you can get discounts on your beloved Planet Oat or Califia Farms oat milk.

The convenience of having your oat milk delivered regularly and saving money? That’s a win-win.

​​Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program offers savings of up to 15% on your total subscription order. So, if you regularly consume oat milk and are spending around $20 per month on it, a 15% saving means you could save $3 a month or $36 over the year. 

Not too shabby, right? Plus, there’s the added convenience of doorstep delivery and the satisfaction of never running out of oat milk mid-cereal pour.

4. Shop The Store Brands

Don’t overlook store brands! Retailers like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer their own lines of oat milk. They’re often as tasty and nutritious as their brand-name counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. Give them a try!

Store brands are usually priced lower than their brand-name counterparts, often by around 15-30%. For example, if a brand-name oat milk like Oatly costs around $4.50 per carton, a store-brand version at a place like Trader Joe’s might cost you around $3.50. Over a year, if you consume a carton a week, that’s a potential saving of over $50.

5. Comparison Shopping

Not all oat milk is created equal, especially when it comes to price. Spend some time to compare prices across different retailers. Based on current Amazon prices, the more affordable options include Kirkland Signature Organic Oat Non-Dairy Beverage and Thrive Market’s Organic Oat Beverage.

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6. Make Your Own Oat Milk At Home

Roll up your sleeves and make your own oat milk! Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows you to control what goes into your milk. All you need are oats, water, and a blender. Once made, store your oat milk in a sealed container in the fridge where it should last up to 5 days.

Making your own oat milk can be significantly cheaper than buying it from the store. Depending on the brand of oat milk you usually buy, you can save over 90% by making it at home.

Wondering what to do if you’ve made more than you can consume in that timeframe? You can actually freeze your homemade oat milk!

Do remember, though, that once you thaw it, the consistency might change a little, making it best for cooking and baking.

The cost savings here can be significant. A large bag of oats can cost around $4 and can yield around 10-12 batches of homemade oat milk, depending on how creamy you like it. If we consider a $4.50 price tag for a brand-name carton of oat milk, you’re spending around 40 cents for homemade oat milk versus $4.50 for store-bought. That’s over 90% savings!

Please remember these figures are estimates and the actual savings can vary based on prices in your area, the brand of oat milk you prefer, and how much oat milk you consume. But no matter the specifics, with a little planning and savvy shopping, you can definitely make your oat milk habit a lot friendlier on your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of oat milk doesn’t have to be a hit on your wallet. With a bit of planning and these savvy shopping tips, you can enjoy this delicious, creamy beverage without breaking the bank. Remember, whether you’re buying in bulk, waiting for sales, subscribing, choosing store brands, comparing prices, or making your own, there are plenty of ways to make your oat milk habit a little kinder on your wallet. Here’s to healthier, happier, and thriftier sipping!

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